The Allotment – First 3 Weeks

I was lucky to acquire allotment 5A after lusting after the idea for a  month or two – that was three weeks ago!  Since then every weekend, no matter the weather, has been on plot 5A.  It was clear on our first visit that the ground was looking in a bit of a sorry state, without doubt, but the whole family were happy to roll up their sleeves and help!

Plot 5A is beginning to look more like home after demolishing a rather smelly, rat ridden construction and replacing it with a brand new shed, complete with a rather funky cat coat hook!

The shed was built, with a lot of help from the family, last Saturday.  It was absolutely freezing and I was very grateful to them for braving the cold! The shed is stereotypically a ‘man’s sanctuary’!! Not this one…it’s most definitely my pride and joy.

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Progress has been really good but we still have loads to do before planting can begin.  Fingers crossed for fair weather this Sunday!

10 thoughts on “The Allotment – First 3 Weeks”

  1. So glad you’d seen and liked my post as it led me to your allotment posts. Wow… how did you do that transformation so quickly? Just showed Mr C and he’s shocked… we visited our plot for the first time today… plot 5B (honestly!) and we really don’t know where to start. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Your plot looks so loved and cared for… wish your 5A was next to my 5B! Keep up the great work, Sharon 🙂

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    1. It’s actually taken 6 weekends! I can only get up the allotment on weekends because of work commitments 😕 I have to admit that it’s been pretty tough going (I’m aching all over!) but I wanted to get as much as possible done for planting season! Mad, I know! How fab – you’ve just picked up your key! I was buzzing with excitement! 5B?!! Haha – A plot sister!! We’ll definitely need to keep in touch ☺ Can’t wait to see what you do ☺

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      1. That’s it… life goes on even though there’s now an allotment in the equation. A good day today for us with at least 9 hours hard work between us… seeing your post last night made us realise we’re not madband we’re not alone! Have a good week and talk soon I hope 🙂

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  2. What a great blog. We will try to include more on our allotment as well as stuff on the renovation of our home (which was the inspiration for starting ). Our allotment (1a) which is very close to the banks of the Humber had been lovingly tended and so we have only had weeding, edging, renovating shed as well as replacing water barrels and of course some planting. We are very excited as it is our first allotment. All tips gratefully received – we are following you, Stephanie.

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