The Need for Water

Ok,onto the next job…setting up a water saving system.  I 100% do not want to use a bright blue industrial tub – you’ve all seen them?! Go past any allotment and your eyes are assaulted by these ugly (but admittedly, perfectly serviceable tubs). Apologies to fellow allotmenteers, but I want all water saving receptacles on plot 5A to blend quietly into the background.

Water ButtEasy? Well it should be, however trying to find a reasonably priced water butt is actually ridiculous!  I was advised to look on the local council’s website which led me to ‘’.  A 190L water butt and stand could be purchased for £39.98 (a subsidised price!) What the??? It’s only a big plastic tub with a tap why on earth are they charging so much?

I started to do a little digging (excuse the pun!) and to my astonishment water butts are serious business. Who knew that it was possible to buy a plastic water container in so many effects – wood, clay, barrel, brick, stone, wicker… Prices ranged from £19.99 to £749.95 for a column (effect) water butt!  If you are looking for an extra special water butt then this website is most definitely worth a look

I settled for a bog standard Argos 210L reduced from £49.99 to £34.99 which included the stand and fittings.  Mr D wasn’t best pleased ‘silly money for a big plastic bucket!’ True. Now to price up the lightweight shed guttering…ssshhhh I’ll tell him later….

2 thoughts on “The Need for Water”

    1. After doing a little more research and comparing prices I now realise that around fourty quid is cheap but I still think that Mr D is quite right…a lot for a big bucket! Suppose I can for once say that I’m pleased plastic takes around 450 years to least I’ll get my monies worth!! Haha

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