Jobs List

Another sunny day here in Wales and I wanted to make the most of every moment!  Jobs list in hand and equipped with Mr D’s rechargeable drill, I arrived at the allotment at 9:30 …

Job 1:  Put up Plot 5A’s sign  – Tick.

Job 2: Put up bird-box – Tick.

Job 3: Dig – Tick.


Arrived home at 2:30 to complete a few more jobs on the list…

Job 4: Check vegetable trough – Tick.  Broad beans (regular and dwarf), shallots, spring onions and garlic all growing nicely under the fleece.

Veg trough

Job 5:  Make a ‘Bug Box’ – Tick (a little more to do but shaping up nicely!) Need some sheep’s wool and…??? Any ideas?

Bug box

Job 6: Buy another water butt (brand new, unwanted gift) from ebay for £15 which my very kind daughter collected for me – Tick.

Job 7: Order a selection of some more exotic seeds and plants online (Cocktail kiwis, Goji berries, Inca berries, Popcorn fiesta, Asparagus peas and Electric daisies) – Tick.  Still looking for Mexican Tree Spinach plants or seeds and Babington Leeks!

Job 8: Create a draft plan for planting (Ops! Spelling mistakes noticed too!) – Tick.

Allotment Plan 1

My gardening ‘battery’ has been recharged nicely today!  No plans for tomorrow, rain has been forecast, perhaps I’ll allow my injured elbow a little time to recover…

4 thoughts on “Jobs List”

  1. Wow, you’re so far ahead of me! Need to pull my finger out and get sowing some more! Not sure if they sell the Mexican tree spinach, but check out real seeds, they have loads of different varieties and may have that or something similar – and they are based in Wales.

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    1. Haha…I’m soooooo behind EVERYONE on my allotment site! All the other allotments were dug before winter and either covered in black plastic, bog standard manure or green manure.
      Fellow allotmenteers are offering plenty of tea and sympathy, quite literally!!


  2. Littlebluejay…Thank you haha – only a fellow gardener would get the ‘garden battery’ thing 😊
    theobstinatepenguin..Oh and forgot to say thanks for the point in the direction of ‘real seeds’ – I’ll take a peek!


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