Flat Battery!

I have had a whole week to to recharge my batteries and chill out. One whole week of catching up on life, and for me – enjoying a little time allotmenting.  I’ve battled through the ‘holiday cold’, determined to make the most of the time!

Holiday bugs seem to be a hazard of doing a stressful job. I am often (and so are many of my colleagues) tripped up by a ‘bug’ or migraine, as soon as I stop and try to relax! It’s as if my body is shouting “Woohoo, it’s time to repair and recover”. Something switches off the need to override the aches and pains, stops the adrenaline flowing and starts the germs multiplying!!  Of course, I would NEVER give in and admit defeat. Being time poor is one of the negatives of being working woman/man.

However, today I woke to find my ‘life battery’ was totally flat!  No energy for my lovely allotment. No excuse – just tired.  To be honest, I think I should have taken, at least one day, ‘to be busy doing nothing!’ So I decided to potter and pootle around the house and garden.

I did manage a couple of allotment ‘potters and pootles’ – I couldn’t resist…

P&P 1 – Finished my allotment bed markers.


P&P 2 – Managed to source and order some Mexican Tree Spinach seeds.

Tree Spinach

4 thoughts on “Flat Battery!”

  1. I know the feeling, every time I take time off work, half the week is spent recovering from some sort of bug, very frustrating when you have things that need to be done at the allotment. Well done for finding your tree spinach, it looks interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does!

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  2. Frustrating indeed! I’m looking forward to growing traditional veg with a good selection ‘the unusual’ so I’m thrilled to have found the spinach….now trying to track down Babington leeks!


  3. I love your markers! I usually use the White plastic ones or a twig with the seed packet stuck through it. You’ve inspired me to be a bit more creative!


    1. Awww, thank you. I’ve done exactly the same in the past but the seed packets rot quite quickly and writing fades on the plastic ones. The markers I’ve just made are for marking the different ‘beds’. I’m looking for something even more creative for the types of veg etc. I’ll look forward to seeing what you create 🙂


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