Hen Wragedd a Ffyn! (Old Women and Sticks!)

Rain, rain go away, come again….well when the plants need watering!  It was raining ‘Hen wragedd a ffyn! today (English translation – raining old women and sticks! The English idiom would be raining cats and dogs!) which meant that all allotment work was most definitely off.

Mr D took a rare break from work for a few hours, so a few household errands could be completed, with stop off at the local garden centre for a cuppa and a browse through the seed racks.  I confess to being tempted by a few…

Flower seeds

Mid afternoon – still raining but, the old ladies were most definitely fatter and the sticks had turned to logs!  Time to finish yesterday’s job 5, the bug-box.  I admit this took longer than expected.  You remember I wanted sheep’s wool for the pot? Well, despite persuading Mr D to help me look around the top of a local mountain for the cast off ‘treasure’, I was out of luck. Nothing. No sheep. No wool. In Wales?!!! I had to settle for straw!

Bug box - finished

And finally relax – no – too boring!  Onto the next project…allotment ‘bed’ markers. To be completed.

Bed Markers

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