Gardening…Why Bother?

I'll swap heels for muddy boots any-day!
I’ll swap heels for muddy boots any day!

I’ve been back in work two days and I have to confess that I’m missing ‘popping’ up to the allotment or ‘pootling’ around in the garden.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and I consider myself lucky, however my professional life dictates that I conform…wear the suit, say the correct thing and tick all the right boxes. Gardening allows me, to be me.  It allows me freedom …wear what I like, speak if I want and tick any box that takes my fancy!  It seems silly but I miss being outdoors (in any weather) in the fresh air!!  So why do I adore gardening?  I know, putting it simple, that it’s good for me!

Flower GranGardening helps me to keep healthy.  I’ve been reliably informed by a well-known slimming franchise that 30 minutes of gardening burns 230 calories.  Every time I dig, mulch, plant, weed, water and prune, I get slimmer…I wish!!!  Speaking of being healthy, nothing is healthier than growing your own veg.  You are, they say, what you eat and I’m 100% sure that home-grown, organic vegetables taste much nicer than any I’ve bought from the local supermarket…so must be better for me!  I’m also doing my little bit for the environment, in my garden and on the allotment…creating ‘safe zones’ for wildlife and insects whilst contributing to improving air quality.Veg peppers

Gardening enriches my life. It allows me to express my creative side, I’m always learning, and I enjoy the surprises that it throws me.  Plot 5A and my garden are good for my soul.  In the winter, when I’m digging, weeding (or uncovering pathways) I work off all my frustrations, shaking off the ‘weekly issues’, accumulated on my shoulders and during the growing season, watering the garden allows me a few moments of tranquillity…time to relax!

Gardening is a labour of love that strengthens me…roll on the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Gardening…Why Bother?”

  1. I can relate to you! I have an office job and would much rather be outside in the elements working on my plot of land to produce the food I enjoy eating. Instead I have to wait until after work as the evenings get longer or the weekends : )

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  2. When I was working I used to love to pop to the allotment on my way home from work, just to put things in perspective…. The plants would be growing in their slow, steady way (or being munched by slugs!) regardless of petty office politics. The bees didn’t care about excel spreadsheets, and the birds couldn’t give one hoot about the crappy photocopier. I’d get home with my mind on positive things, rather than stewing on the day to day small stuff!
    Enjoying your blog so far, keep it up!

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