Sul Y Mamau (Mother’s Day)

Almost doneIt’s Mother’s Day and today it was ‘all about me’…well, what I wanted  to do for the day, to be exact!  I don’t think many of you will be surprised to read, that I wanted to spend as much time as possible, gardening.  At 9:30 this morning, I was at Plot 5A, trying to finish digging another section of the allotment but despite my best effort, I didn’t quite make it…I still have a metre and a half square  to dig in order to finish the exotics bed.

Row of Herbs

On the plus side, I have planted the herb and bulb bed.  I chose to plant over the buried water pipe at the front of the allotment to try a prevent accidental ‘punctures’!

At around 11 o’clock the whole family popped up with gifts, cards and hugs.  It was lovely! The ‘Tiddlers’ loved it, however they quickly became really cold (the wind was bitter), so were whisked off to a warm house but not before leaving a few ‘decorations’ for the plot… Two spinning daisies and a set of solar-powered fairy lights!  (plus a packet of mixed seeds which included purple basil). During the early afternoon my youngest, ‘Little Ears’ accompanied me to one of my favourite garden centres for a browse around the plants and garden accessories.

Mothers' Day

Talking of accessories, I’ve been thinking about my allotment plan more and more as I grow closer to finishing the digging.  Not just what I can grow but how to make Plot 5A a place full of colour and love. Obviously Plot 5A needs to be a functional allotment but, like my garden, I want to reflect a little of my personality, as well as being productive.  It must have colour and, dare I say it, look pretty!  I’ve started by making my own giant bed markers, sign post and bug-box.  I’ve also added a bird-box to the top of one of the fence posts, much to the amusement of a few of the ‘elder’ allotmenteers!

This begs the question: Are allotment additions a lovely way to personalise your plot or something to be avoided (an unnecessary frill)? I quite like a few ‘frills’ but goodness knows, what the ‘elders’ would say about a little ‘bunting’ in the summer or a brightly coloured, bistro table and chair set! I’ll let you know…haha

4 thoughts on “Sul Y Mamau (Mother’s Day)”

  1. Sounds like you had the same sort of Mother’s Day as me! There was another mum at our local lotties that had dragged her children along, and so all the kids went around in a little gang while we dug in peace. Bliss!

    We’re planning to paint a sign too. I’ve already let the girls draw all over the fruit cage posts today but that was mainly to keep them quiet while I did more digging.

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    1. Haha…I love the fact that the lottie is an escape and a place to ‘chatter’ with fellow allotmenteers or family! Children learn so much from it too…our ‘Tiddlers’ love finding worms and bugs 😆 Longing for a break in the cold snap though…could do with a little sun this weekend ☺


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