What’s Normal?!

Two months ago I was really excited to pick up the keys to plot 5A. There’s nothing better than knowing you have all that lovely space to grow whatever your heart desires!

After getting over the initial shock of the first viewing – it was in a pretty bad state! I began my perfect plot wishlist. If money wasn’t an object what would I have? A tool shed. Potting shed. A greenhouse. Little sun house with decking and a bistro table and chairs set….STOP! Reality check. That clearly wasn’t going to happen, so I began to whittle my fantasy plot list into a reality plot list! A shed, a fence, a compost bin, a few water butts and a usable walkway to the shed.

It was at this point the list started to turn into a plan. A stealth plan! Nothing on paper, that was an essential part of the plan. If Mr D knew what was in my head…well plot 5A would be a raised bed in my Victorian house garden! Too much money and work!

All that was left, was the toughest stage…putting in the essentials and clearing the site (still in the process of doing the latter!) My allotment is now a handy conversation starter for some of my colleagues, over a cuppa, in the staffroom.  I know it’s a bit ‘geeky’ but I’m ok with preferring gardening to partying!

The first question is always…

“What are you growing then – carrots, cabbages and potatoes?!”

My reply of “Perhaps, in amongst the goji berries, cucamelons, cocktail kiwis and tree spinach” is generally followed by…

“That’s not normal!”

Allotmenteering is enjoying a bit of a bit of a revival at the moment.  Suddenly, it’s ok to admit you enjoy growing organic food for yourself, family and friends.  I’ve had loads of offers of help…when the weather warms up!  I think I’m going to need that bistro table and chair set after all!

Planting has begun

8 thoughts on “What’s Normal?!”

  1. LOL, that’s the beauty of having your own space to grow vegetables: You can grow what you want and if it isn’t the ‘norm’ so be it. I’m looking forward to see how your choice of crops grow over the season and wish you luck and good weather….. 🙂


  2. What’s the fun in it if you can’t try out new things? We are trying to grow cantaloupe this year (in Norway!). I kinda doubt it will grow properly, but we won’t know if we don’t try. 🙂 Last year we had a healthy crop of corn. Not many thought we’d get anything from those plants. 🙂 Have fun with your lot. It looks beautiful.

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    1. Thank you – There’s quite a way to go yet but I’m getting there (bed by bed, lol) So true, for me the excitement of a new crop is tough to beat! Cantaloupe..let me know how it goes? I’m trying Popcorn Fiesta from the Home grown revolution range (James Wong) 🙂


  3. Individuality is good! Try growing what you fancy and I’m sure any decorative additions will be enjoyed by your allotment neighbours. I remember what it was like when I took on my ‘wild’ allotment 7 years ago, all your hard work will pay off in the end!

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