12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday:That’s No Joke!”

  1. What a shame… And right when they will start to need it. My greenhouse once blew over, but it did so intact (the benefit of bodging one up from spare wood and plastic panes!). I just had to lift it up and secure it better. This damage looks much more severe 😥

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    1. Oh dear! Glad you managed to rescue yours ☺ Well a small digger arrived as I was about to leave but I didn’t stay to see what happened (seemed wrong to stop and stare!) Going back up later…hoping he will have performed a miracle and got it back up!


    1. Awww, poor things! A polytunnel is tricky to put up, I’m told. Getting the polythene on correctly is a real art so the slightest ‘flappiness’ = disaster in hight winds I guess.


    1. It’s in a real sorry state this afternoon! The owner hasn’t been up to the allotment apparently (The digger I mentioned earlier in the ‘thread’ was for something completely different). I think he’s in for a really nasty shock when he does – poor man!


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