Summing Up!

11 weeks of weekends + 1 Easter bank holiday (- 6 rainy weekends) = a result!

I started with….

Plot 5A - January 18th 2015

and now I have…

Plot 5A April 6th 2015

I’m thrilled, to say the least!

This bank holiday I’ve finished all the digging- yeeeehaaaa!

The planting is well and truly under-way – yipadee-doo-dah-day!

Herb Bed : Rosemary x2, lavender, thyme x2, blood sorrel, lemon balm plus tulip and daffodil bulbs.

Fruit Bed: Giant gooseberry, blackcurrent x3, blueberry x2, Miss Cherry, blackberry, boysenberry and strawberries x12 (I’m growing 9 the James Wong way in raised beds with red mulch).

Flower Bed: Dahlia x3, comfrey x3, borage plus a blackcurrant and raspberry (left over from the previous tenant).

Veg Bed: Shallots, garlic and potatoes.

Exoctics Bed: Rhubarb x2 plus 1 snapped branch off the gooseberry (well it just might grow!).

Allotment News

The view down. Our site is positioned at around half way up a mountain – at the foot of an even bigger mountain!


The ‘neighbours’ have been out in force this bank holiday…


Except for the tenants of Plot 4A, my immediate neighbours!  I’m told the local college has rented the plot until September (they’ve popped in a few times since LAST September) but I think the picture most definitely speaks a thousand words!


Oh and the broken greenhouse in the background is no more – bashed, smashed and removed!

And finally…I met our bee-keeper, Mr G at the end of today.  Mr G popped over, introduced himself, chatted for a while and offered me the chance to suit up and ‘handle’ the bees! Oh yeeeeeessssss!!! *big cheesy grin*

Summing up – I’m feeling like the bees knees at the moment! Happy Days 🙂

20 thoughts on “Summing Up!”

  1. Well done! The plot looks amazing! My sympathies regarding your neighbouring plot. Over the years I have had the same problem and suffered from all the weed seeds blowing onto my plot!

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  2. 5A is looking fantastic. Well done… the hard work was worth it now let the growing commence! Can’t wait to hear more about Mr G and his bees. Also thank you for helping us realise we could do it… that 84 m2 of grass and weeds at ‘our’ 5B was a scary sight and so glad you found my blog. Here’s to following what happens next somewhere on the side of a mountain in Wales with great views! 🙂

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      1. Tiny Slugs and snails are already appearing on 5B… Mr C is hoping the coffee grounds help… watch this space! Early start here as waiting for a call re our top soil delivery… 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 Oh yes…I have a few war wounds from the battles (lumps, bruises, scratches and sore muscles) but it was most definitely worth it! Looking forward to planting up the beds now 🙂


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