Filling My Boots

Working on Plot 5A is enriching my soul!

Life can get a little bogged down with work, work and more work and it’s easy to live in that safe little ‘bubble’ – moving in the same circles – speaking to the same people – talking about the same topics – sharing the same stories.

However, Plot 5A has given me the opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds. Each and every one has an interesting life story.  ‘Neighbours’ have now begun to share tales of childhood, funny moments and sad life events. For me, getting to know the characters and personalities on the allotment site is truly an eye-opener and each an every person I’ve met so far has been welcoming, helpful and generous.

This week ‘neighbours’ have given me tea, cake, fifteen summer cabbages, twenty onion sets, a third water barrel plus a ‘butt’ of water! (I should explain…The water is currently turned off.  This isn’t a problem for most on the allotment site having filled their tubs/barrels with water over winter.  I, as a new allotmenteer, have had empty water butts since February! Yesterday I was surprised by a full barrel of water – a neighbour had very kindly ‘donated’.)

I’m VERY grateful.

20 Summer Cabbages
20 Summer Cabbages

Each time I visit Plot 5A, I step off the treadmill for a few hours.  I enjoy listening to the most wonderful stories. I learn and I grow…I fill my boots with food for my soul!

Plot 5A
Plot 5A

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