Party at Plot 5A – Free Beer!

16 slugs fell for the trap literally overnight!  (I hope I’m not attracting slugs from neighbouring allotments with my beer party pools :-/)

Tip: Keep a ‘device’ handy for flipping the slimy blighters out of the traps.  I tried (and succeeded eventually) to extract them with two plastic plant labels.  Splashes of beer and slime on the face are deeply unpleasant – yuck! My poor neighbours were also subjected to a view of my backside for waaaaaayyyyyy to long – I apologise to all!


I would like to say that I am overjoyed with the results so far…my sensible brain is ‘chuffed’!  However I feel GUILTY 😦

I’ve plotted, planned and succeeded in ‘murder’.   I know it’s war but if I only I could hold a peace summit and come to an agreement.  ‘All the weeds you can eat’ or ‘Free access to all contents of the compost bin’…but keep off my land!!

8 thoughts on “Party at Plot 5A – Free Beer!”

  1. If only gardeners and slugs could reach that sort of agreement. Although I would prefer them to have the weeds. One less de-weeding and two the stuff in the compost him would be there to decompose not in a slugs gut.

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      1. You need to have a party, to which people bring loads of cheap beer they don’t want at home, don’t drink at your party, and leave behind. I’ve got shedloads of out of date Fosters under the stairs from that very scenario!

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