Landscaping with…Mesh, Net and Fleece!

Upon checking my seedlings this weekend it became apparent that I could no longer hang on.The beans, peas, cauliflowers and sprouts were literally bursting out of their peat pots.  Nature has forced my hand, even the ‘potted on’ seedlings are sprouting roots from their ‘grown up pots‘!

Exciting times!  Images of Plot 5A looking beautiful whilst displaying prized fruit and vegetables came to mind.  The coloured felt pen drawings of my little allotment were starting to become a reality – it was time to get busy.

Firstly, I planted up the beans and peas thinking ‘well they’ll just have to tough it out’ – ‘it’ being the rather harsh weather conditions!  The weather, predominately the wind, is still a little brutal for a young seedling on Plot 5A so a kind allotmenteer offered some ‘mesh protection’ which I gratefully accepted and swaddled the ‘babies.’

Pea and Been Swaddling
Pea and Bean Swaddling

The second job was planting the cauliflowers and sprouts however, whilst popping on their collars, I noticed the tell-tale marks of wood pigeons lunching on my mini cabbages…two cabbages stripped down to their stalks! The giant fleece tunnel was quickly pressed into action until an alternative ‘cover’ can be found.  The birds have noticed Plot 5A….

Cabbage Tunnel
Cabbage Tunnel

… time to put up the fruit cage. I’m not losing my fruit to our ‘peckish’ feathered friends!

Fruit Cage
Fruit Cage

At the end of January, when I first picked up the keys to Plot 5A, I remember a neighbouring allotmenteer telling me that he had lost 60% of his crops during his first year at the site to birds, slugs and bugs.  60%!!

Net, mesh, fleece…not quite the look I had in mind but I’m determined to take home more than 40% of the crops that I’ve sown and grown!

11 thoughts on “Landscaping with…Mesh, Net and Fleece!”

  1. LOL welcome to the world of mesh, mesh and more mesh 🙂 I’m forever shouting at the pigeons, chasing them off.

    I’m hoping to start planting out the mange tout and courgettes this afternoon and then a load more bits at the end of the week 🙂

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    1. Ooooo can’t wait to see what goodies you’ve planted. As for the ‘meshing’ It’s good to read fellow allotmenteers are taking similar steps in order to protect their crops…no sign of that on the ‘Allotment Challenge’! Haha😀


      1. I know…their plots still looked ‘pretty’! I have to admit, after an exhausting day in work, that I quite enjoyed watching ‘The Allotment Challenge’ but ssshhhhh don’t tell anyone haha

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      1. Well, I had a plan. Start some off in the greenhouse, a month later sow a batch direct, then start a few more off indoors once the ‘outdoor bunch’ had sprouted. I thought I was being clever and extending my pea growing season…I didn’t factor in piggin’ mice!! ;-/

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