Worzel Scrappage

Over the last few weeks I’ve been potting up the seedlings that are growing fast in my greenhouses.  The greenhouse tomato plants are getting pretty big. I’m still giving them the odd spray with aspirin, as recommended by James Wong and it really does seem to be doing the trick!

I’ve have managed to harden off and plant out a little more…runner beans, Mexican tree spinach, electric daisies and some red onions.  I’ve also planted my Chilean Guava and Jostaberry plants.

To tell the truth, I’m spending most of my free time at Plot 5A. There’s always loads to be done – watering, sowing, pricking out, potting on, planting out and fighting the ‘wee beasties’. However, this Sunday I took a bit of a break. Just a couple of hours – to make a scarecrow.  You see ‘Tiddler A’ really loves the allotment and has requested a scarecrow. Not any old scarecrow, mind you – it had to be made of tin!  So, for weeks, I’ve been collecting tins, lids and all kinds of ‘bits’ with the job in mind. Armed with an electric drill, my son and I set about creating a tin man from the bag of ‘scrap’.  A few hours later we have…Worzel Scrappage!  He needs a little more work but he’s beginning to look like a tin scarecrow.  Fingers crossed Worzel will meet ‘Tiddler A’s’ exacting standards!!

Worzel Scrappage

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