I have twins! Not identical twins, of course but I’m pleased to announce that Plot 4A is finally all mine!  I now have Plot 5A and Plot 4A…perfect!  I’ve loads of work to do (once again) however I also have loads of wonderful planting space.

Plot 4A
Plot 4A
Remains of raised beds and rubbish
Compost bin, more rubbish and a water tap between the two halves
Docks, bindweed, couch grass and assorted weeds
Strawberry patch
Rainbow over the ‘twins’ (after a hailstorm!)

Roll on the weekend 🙂

12 thoughts on “Twins”

  1. I’m so excited for you! I have loved watching plot 5A evolve and have been so inspired by your hard work and ambitious plant lists! I can’t wait to see what you what you do with 4A!

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    1. Thank you. Lovely of you to read my ‘ramblings’ Thinking of trying a few ‘raised beds’ (well sectioned beds really) on 4A but I’ve a weed battle on my hands first! Haha


  2. My second year of having twins! Double the work, but double the fun. Have so enjoyed all the extra space and it’s amazing how it all gets filled up! I wonder now how I ever managed with only one plot! Enjoy!

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  3. How exciting! I’ve just started a guerilla gardening campaign (the council have taken two years to let out the vacant plots) and now have 10 new plotters on site; I’m looking forward to the BH weekend – there are plans for rotavators and bonfires!

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