Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

To Autumn…it’s not so much a change in the weather, we’re still having patches of warm sunshine with a nip in the air. Let’s face it summer hasn’t been great this year!  For me, Autumn, has brought a change in atmosphere: a ‘healthy’ crispness to the air and ‘sharpening’ of the light. The blackberries are glistening in the hedgerows, strings of dew drops sparkle on the spiders webs and the birds are waiting eagerly for the ‘Top-up Restaurant’ to replenish the offerings of free seeds and fat every morning!

I adore these golden days of early autumn.  The cool air seems to calm my ‘bubbling’ brain while I gently tidy the garden and the wafts of wood smoke from the chimney are a treat.

The colder nights are a reminder that winter is on its way.  The pace of gardening hasn’t slowed for me yet…lots of clearing, digging, and replenishing still to do but ‘winter clocks’ bring dark nights, restricting my gardening to weekends and holidays.

As I say goodbye to summer light, I take a look around my plots, take stock and begin to plan for the next planting season.


The plots are still producing some tasty goodies however Autumn is most definitely in the air.

Raised bed 1

One of two new metal raised beds.  All I need now is top soil, compost and manure by the ton!!!


Balin the Gnome – guarding the plots!

Pumpkin Happiness

Tiddler A is in heaven and looking forward to a pumpkin party later this week.

Sweet Peas

The sweet peas are still stunning and the perfume is divine!

2 thoughts on “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!”

  1. I have pumpkin envy. I got 7 small but perfectly formed fruit this year. Will have to seriously replenish the beds this autumn. We’re waiting on the parsnips. If the greenery is anything to go by then we should be in for a half decent crop once the first of the hard frosts has been 🙂

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    1. My first attempt ever at growing pumpkins. The whole site had a problem with powdery mildew which spread quickly. I was lucky to get a half decent crop! Parsnips are my husband’s favourite. They are on my ‘try to grow’ list for next year! Looking forward to hearing about your crop 😆

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