Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak

The rain here in Wales has been relentless, cutting off my escape to my beloved allotment! There’s only so much reading one can possibly  do about gardening without feeling downhearted about the fact that you are still trapped indoors!!

As a person I need a creative outlet, a distraction, a meditation so I’ve started drawing illustrations of my favourite allotment ‘scenes’  from 2015.  After a long day dealing with other peoples’ frustrations and sadness I’m enjoying drawing these little pictures as a means for calming my emotions.

It started with a ‘doodle’ of my mum helping with the weeding on a beautiful summer’s day…  20160116_104424

and I quite liked it!  So did my mum!  In fact it’s great seeing the reactions of my little family when I create an illustration of them so I’m now creating a family picture book. It’s also a lovely way to reflect on my first year as an allotmenteer…in a ‘doodle diary’.

next came ‘Helping Bampi’…


then ‘Purple Bean Tasting’…


followed by…’Aubergines’


and finally ‘Superheroes’….


I’ve no idea about the ‘rules’.  I admit that I’ve never had lessons on how to use watercolour pencils etc but I’m enjoying being able to create my allotment story in my ‘doodles’!  Whilst the rain continues I’m quietening my mind and allowing my gardening soul to speak through ‘art’ 🙂


11 thoughts on “Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak”

  1. I love these 🙂 They tell the story very well. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, I have been dabbling in the art world too, now that the garden is too cold and damp to play in. No drawings as yet, but I’ve been enjoying colouring instead…

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  2. The rules be damned! What fabulous pictures which tell a wonderful story, that can be treasured by your family and remind them of happy times, together down on the allotment. You should be proud of yourself 🙂

    Watched an article on BBC news the other day which was about a village in Wales which had had 80 days continuous rain so far!!!! Hope that’s not you guys.

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    1. Awwww, thank you 🙂 Well today we have had a few hours without rain but it’s raining again now!!! Not sure how many days we’ve been suffering this gloomy weather however I do know that I’ve only managed to grab an hour or two on the allotment for over two months due to the dark nights, work and rainy weekends! :-/


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