Potato Picking

Visited the local,  family run garden centre today which is currently an Aladdin’s cave full of different potato varieties! I was tempted to buy a few random bags and see how it goes but then I spotted this…



So tonight I’m picking potatoes…not easy! 😕 So much choice!


Last year I planted Rocket, Charlotte, Cara and Desiree. The Rocket potatoes were completely blemish free, waxy and tasted quite good. The Charlottes were similar to Rocket but had a bit more flavour in my opinion. However the maincropper Cara was a bit bland and was hopeless for boiling! My favourite was Desiree! I liked the taste and the firmer texture…it was also a heavy cropper!!

I’m reading up this time. Loving the names too! Harlequin, Blue Belle, Red Duke of York, Casablanca…Oh decisions, decisions!!!




4 thoughts on “Potato Picking”

  1. Am I right in thinking that Desiree are reddish ones? I seem to remember them being nice. I agree that Cara aren’t up to much. They turn up in the supermarket from time to time and I generally ignore them… My Dad always liked King Edwards, but I don’t remember him ever growing any. I think they roast well. We’ve grown Maris Piper once or twice without any problems.

    Both potatoes and tomatoes are off my list for this year, though, because blight can be a real problem here. My tomato plants got it last year and I’m told it hangs around in the soil, so unless we get considerably more cold weather, I think we’re probably better doing without this year! Fortunately, it came late enough in the season last year for me to save most of the tomatoes – even if I did have to ripen them all indoors. In the past, we’ve grown tomatoes in grow-bags and lost the lot enough times for me to be wary of growing them at all. However, they did so well in the plot two years ago, that I decided it was worth another go. Interestingly, the plant that resisted the blight longest was one that had self-seeded from the previous year! Probably just coincidence, but it did make me smile!

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    1. I tried Russian Black tomatoes outdoors this year…no blight but they didn’t ripen! I think my plots are too exposed so I’ll have to stick to greenhouse tomatoes this year. Yes Desiree have red skins…taste gooooooood too! I’m a ‘bit odd'(I’m told) I like eating potatoes raw! Only the odd one…and I can’t resist one or two uncooked chips when frying homemade chips. You can really taste the difference between the varieties. Some taste really sweet, some are quite bitter and some taste ‘nutty’! I know!!! Odd!!! Haha

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  2. I am trying my hand at potatoes for the first time this year. I have Red Duke of York, Nadia, Charlotte and Lady Crystl all chatting happily in the conservatory. Few more day and I think they will be ready. I will be trying them in containers in the polytunnel – fingers crossed!


    1. Still to decide my 1st earlies…popping up to the allotment shop in the morning to take a look at the range on offer. We don’t plant until Good Friday here but need time before for chitting. Fingers crossed for some Rocket or Charlotte potatoes 🙂

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