Time for Beds

It’s a Saturday and it hasn’t rained!! Whoo hoo!! Obviously I had to make the most of the opportunity and grab a few hours on the allotments.

Plots 4a and 5a are coping quite well with the appalling winter weather, but the clock is ticking and I need to get the plots ready for the growing season.

Jobs of the day were:

  1. The 3rd raised large bed needed to be erected and filled.
  2. Move mini raised bed.
  3. Put weed suppressant on the paths between the beds.

All done!

I have a second mini bed to take up tomorrow (if the weather holds) and I need to buy some bark chippings for the paths.

Raised Beds X3

I must admit that when I took over plot 5A January last year, I was 100% against having raised beds on the plot, even though for some reason, it seems most new gardeners grow their vegetables using raised beds. It’s fashionable at the moment! Gardening magazines and programmes are full of raised bed images (and adverts).

Allotment site
Allotment Site.  A mixture of methods!

However, I like the look of veggies planted in rows.  I love the watching the experienced allotmenteers, use traditional methods to produce plots bursting with tasty goodies. Every possible space is used for growing!

Last year some of my ‘ground grown’ vegetables  weren’t entirely successful.  Carrots for example…they grew. Yes – but were very misshapen! I tried growing a batch in the mini raised bed and the results were fantastic!! My cauliflowers grew nicely but were nibbled to nothing by tiny slugs!  So frustrating!!

For me raised bed gardening seems like another useful trick up my allotmenting sleeve. It would be absurd not to give it a go… I have enough room, with two plots, for the best of both worlds.  Who knows, my ‘chosen veggies’ may actually enjoy being snuggled up in a nice warm bed!

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