The Glory of the Allotment

‘You will find the tool- and potting-sheds which are the heart of all ;
The cold-frames and the hot-houses, the dungpits and the tanks:
The rollers, carts and drain-pipes, with the barrows and the planks.’

Joy of joys, I’ve finally had a sunny day, on a free weekend so I decided to make the most of every minute by working on the raised bed section of the plots, filling in the bean trench and doing a little digging.

My plots are on the side of a mountain in Wales. As you can imagine it can be pretty windy so I’m trying to prevent bark chippings from blowing across the whole allotment site with log rolls bought at a bargain price of Β£3:00 each!
I’ve used 30cm tent sand pegs to secure the log rolls.


Attempting to warm the ground within the raised beds with my new cloches.


10 thoughts on “The Glory of the Allotment”

  1. I’m not usually a fan of raised beds, but that grooved metal is gorgeous! Love the colour =) Also, do you mind sharing where you bought your log rolls? I’m after some myself!

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    1. I do feel lucky to be able to combine growing methods! I have two plots. I started with one plot, 5a, at the end of January 2015 then took on the second in May. I now have enough room for the best of both worlds and intend growing carrots, cauliflower and…well not sure about the 3rd yet in them. Also, my family enjoy helping on the allotment, and raised beds are perfect for the older and youngest members! The log rolls are Β£4 each or two for Β£6 in Tesco. They were selling rather quickly in my local store so grab them quick! πŸ˜†


  2. I expect to find Sleeping Beauty under your cloches. I’ve used that style of raised bed in my planters. Makes it much easier to get soil that will support vegetables.

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    1. Yes! Hahaha … I’m sure I can use that in a bedtime ‘allotment’ story with the grandchildren! Glad to hear you’ve had success with this type of planters. I’m a little concerned that they will dry out too quickly or cook the plant roots in the summer! Daft I know… πŸ˜†


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