The Unexpected Gift

Who doesn’t love a ‘gifted plant’? In fact, could you honestly turn down anything garden related?  How many of you have accepted a plant that…well…you’ll have to squeeze into your already planted to the brim garden or allotment?

I confess, I couldn’t but then, ‘I am an addict’.

My addiction to plants and all things gardening is relatively new. In fact, it’s been two to three years since I began growing the odd plant. I am now gripped by the gardening bug and my obsession with plants is slowly taking over my life.

It started innocently enough, with a pot of chrysanthemums and a couple of ‘surplus’ tomato plants from my parents.  I practised my gardening skills in my little Victorian garden, family garden and vegetable garden, experimenting with growing vegetables and fruit in small raised beds, greenhouse and a veg trug.

In January 2015, I felt confident enough to take on an allotment followed by a second plot in May 2015 and now my love of gardening has become all consuming…

I now struggle to resist buying any beautiful new flower (especially if it’s sweetly scented). Now most people would understand the pull of a pretty petal, however I’m the same with my allotment veg!  I love trying to grow something new…Mexican spinach, goji berries, cucamelons, tomatillios, black raspberries, Rosella tomatoes to name but a few!

This year my intention was to keep it simple. Nothing fancy. Back to basics. However, I’ve ‘fallen off the vegetable cart’…but I blame my parents!

A gift from ‘the parents’…A lemon cucumber.  Who could resist?  Not me for sure and I hate cucumber!!
Teeny tiny banana shallots. Ok, my planting is a bit haphazard but they will soon grow into little beauties!

‘The banana shallot, or echalion, is a cross between a regular shallot and an onion. It has inherited the best qualities from each side, the larger size of the onion (though it is elongated in shape – hence the name “banana shallot“) and the mildness and sweetness of the shallot.’

Tutti Frutti Cherry Tomatoes – They’re new…it says so on the label!!
Tutti Frutti mandarin tomatoes…both plants are ‘silly’ prices but who could resist a tomato with a taste of orange or cherry?  It would be ‘rude’ not to try them at least once!

It doesn’t stop with plants…no, no…I lust after gardening tools too! I put the blame for this one squarely at Monty Don’s door! Planting spades, flat heart shaped trowel, cloches…oh the temptation!

Tillers…I really needed these, honestly.


The cold weather isn’t helping.  I’m itching to start the growing season.  The greenhouse is full of seedlings, some of which I’ve planted under fleece but I want more! I need some warmth to keep my mind from wandering…

Onions…sturon, centurion and stuttgarter giant.
Broad beans…hardened off.


Broad beans and onions transferred to the allotment and snuggled up under fleece.

The ‘addiction’ doesn’t stop with me, I’m sorry to say…Tiddler A can’t resist a bit of muck and the magic of gardening.

Preparing the pea gutters.
Good job Tiddler A!

I’m hoarding plants and gardening tools because it cold…that’s it…it will stop when the weather warms, really it will. Unless I’m bought another gardening related gift!


3 thoughts on “The Unexpected Gift”

  1. Lol, I’m the person who can’t walk passed the left over plants from the annual village plant sale without having a rummage and ‘rescuing’ a few pathetic looking specimens, whether I need/have room for them or not 😀

    The lemon cukes look interesting 😉

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