Defiance to the Greater World!

Despite an awful weather forecast for this weekend we did it…the spuds are in! Haha to you North wind and rain!

Tim Teulu (Family Team)

The weather was actually on my side today so my team of ‘Little Helpers’ and I spent a day at Plots 5a and 4a.  The challenge for the team – plant the potatoes, which is always a mammoth task (and tidy up generally).

What did this involve?  “Plain and simple backbreaking digging!”

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes…

Rocket (1st earlies), Kestrel (2nd earlies), Desiree (main) and Cara (main)

We knew it would be tough work – especially as I’m the only person to have dug  plot 4a  in a number of years.  The previous owners seemed to tickle the surface of the ground, in one or two corners, then let the weeds grow and grow and grow!

Front bed is also done and full of Cara (main) potatoes

Let’s face it, allotments are hard work however by the end of the day we were tired but chuffed to beans.  The difference our work had made was heart-warming…it would have taken me at least another 2 weeks of hard slog! Thank you ‘Team Family’.

Apples (Scrumptious) in bud

Although the allotment is a family affair, it is primarily mine.  My favourite time is early evening, after work – a place to escape for a couple of hours of head clearing peace and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Honeyberries in flower

However, I also enjoy the ‘family pitch’ in days…full of giggles and banter. You know what I mean… Mr D was the only person to come home with a spot of sun burn today –  “From all the sunbathing he did – while we worked!” 😉


7 thoughts on “Defiance to the Greater World!”

  1. Still got my potatoes to get in but, in line with my reduced growing for this season, I’m only growing King Edwards this year and these will probably go in next weekend.

    I can fully appreciate your family days – I really enjoy those occasions when the Mudlets want to help but I also really appreciate the peace and quiet when they don’t 🙂

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