♫ ♪Speckled Frog Eating Delicious Slugs ♪♫…Fingers Crossed!

Finished frog pond complete with Percy (a gift from my parents) the plastic frog.

Apparently one third of our natural ponds have disappeared in the last fifty years which has had an enormous impact on wildlife, particularly, frogs, toads and newts.   Luckily, amphibians aren’t fussy…they’ll occupy anything from a water-filled bucket, to a fancy-pants wildlife pond! So creating a wildlife pond, no matter how small, is a great way to do your bit for the neighbourhood’s wildlife.

We bought a cheap moulded plastic pond from our local aquatic centre.

Providing an area to home frogs on the allotment could also help reduce the effects of the predicted invasion of slugs this summer. I need all the help I can get as I’m not using slug pellets… I’m passionate about keeping my plots organic!

My wonderfully kind and helpful family dug over the frog bed and sunk the pond.

Also the Tiddlers A, E and C are fascinated by bugs, worms and mini beasts. In fact Tiddler E and C are totally in love with everything ‘frogs’ (especially poison dart frogs!) so with this in mind I set about creating a frog pond on the plots.

Nearly done…after collecting rocks and stones from around the allotment.

I’m told that it is best to allow animals to arrive at your pond naturally, although I was tempted to deposit some ‘study’ tadpoles to the pond (I’ve resisted).  I’ve been assured that frogs will travel over a kilometre to find a new pond, usually within the pond’s first year. In the meantime, I’ll be happy if a dragonfly (or two) or  even a few water boatmen drop by.

Tiddler A inspecting our handiwork after adding a few more edging stones donated by my parents.
Oxygenating plants (lily pad was insisted upon by the Tiddlers!),  Hosta and a few more edging stones added…Thank you dear parents (once again!) 



Worm Village (under construction)


20160501_100906Two more towers have been added to ‘Worm Village’…one more to go. Tiddler A is designing and constructing the final tower.


I’ve struggled to find coloured ink free waste paper to make the base for the compost towers so I’m considering ‘investing’ in a few rolls of cheap kitchen roll. If I wait a few more days I can gather some shredded paper from work but I really dislike waiting. I HAVE to get the job done this weekend!