New Toy = Play Time

I’m determined to clear the new plot as quickly as possible. Not an easy task. It’s totally overgrown, I work full time and I’m off to the ‘Gardener’s World Show’ this weekend. Nevertheless I’m cracking on!

I’ve enlisted the help of Mr D and we’ve bought a new ‘toy’ to help him! A flame gun…oh the power!! The noise is rather pleasing too 😀


Mr D loves it! He tested a small section in the rain this week. We were careful…keeping buckets of water and a hose pipe at hand (just incase!).

20160614_203504Brilliant toy! Much better than weedkillers 😆

Dog Days of Summer!

We have had two weeks of glorious sunshine here in Wales…it’s as if the dog star Sirius has positioned himself, in the heavens above my little patch of the world a little earlier than expected.

The risk of frost has well and truly passed, and with longer days there comes more sunshine and time to be pottering around on my allotments. Well I say ‘pottering’… that’s not anywhere near the truth!  I was rather late planting this year, after taking on plot 4A.  I spent months digging. It’s done. Finally.  Everything is more or less planted too!

4A – View from the front
4A – View from the back
5A – View from the front
New flower bed

All I need to do now is a little ‘fine tune weeding’ to completely finish plots 4A and 5A…simple? Mmmmm, no not really!  Plot 5B suddenly came up for grabs and I grabbed it! I’m now the proud occupier of plot 5 (whole plot) and plot 4A.  I know, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment but I really wanted a ‘Tea Shed’!

Overgrown mess!

Docks, rosebay willow herb, grasses, seeded onions, brassicas and bindweed… a right royal mess!

In the background, you can just see my little blue ‘Tea Shed’.
Shoulder height grass and weeds
One sunny afternoon later…

I want to avoid weedkiller so we’re planning to use a paraffin burner to literally ‘cook’ the weeds to death!

I can see my ‘other half’!

I’m not sure what to do about my lollipop fence now…keep? or remove? or even put in a little gateway?

Oh…and we have our first froglet in our little pond 🙂  Happy Dog Days!