Dog Days of Summer!

We have had two weeks of glorious sunshine here in Wales…it’s as if the dog star Sirius has positioned himself, in the heavens above my little patch of the world a little earlier than expected.

The risk of frost has well and truly passed, and with longer days there comes more sunshine and time to be pottering around on my allotments. Well I say ‘pottering’… that’s not anywhere near the truth!  I was rather late planting this year, after taking on plot 4A.  I spent months digging. It’s done. Finally.  Everything is more or less planted too!

4A – View from the front
4A – View from the back
5A – View from the front
New flower bed

All I need to do now is a little ‘fine tune weeding’ to completely finish plots 4A and 5A…simple? Mmmmm, no not really!  Plot 5B suddenly came up for grabs and I grabbed it! I’m now the proud occupier of plot 5 (whole plot) and plot 4A.  I know, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment but I really wanted a ‘Tea Shed’!

Overgrown mess!

Docks, rosebay willow herb, grasses, seeded onions, brassicas and bindweed… a right royal mess!

In the background, you can just see my little blue ‘Tea Shed’.
Shoulder height grass and weeds
One sunny afternoon later…

I want to avoid weedkiller so we’re planning to use a paraffin burner to literally ‘cook’ the weeds to death!

I can see my ‘other half’!

I’m not sure what to do about my lollipop fence now…keep? or remove? or even put in a little gateway?

Oh…and we have our first froglet in our little pond 🙂  Happy Dog Days!


13 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer!”

  1. Looking good over there in Wales! One and a half plots… it is addictive isn’t it! Mr C would probably panic if I mentioned more land… though either side of us haven’t been touched all year! 😉 No… I’ll stick with my 4b and 5B somewhere in West Yorkshire! Can’t believe it’s only our 2nd year… I still say to everyone that your photos inspired us to make our first half plot of field into an allotment. By seeing what you’d achieved in 6 weeks we knew we weren’t totally mad! All a big learning curve though… our big one this year is don’t plant your squashes til Monty says so… early June not May!! Seeds growing direct in the beds to make up for my healthy plants I’d grown who’ve all died because I planted out too soon 😦 Here’s to a great harvest! S x

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    1. Awwww, thank you…that’s very kind. I will also pass on the compliment…I love your ‘Tea Shed’ hence my latest plot! Like you I’m learning all the time. It’s part of the fun! I haven’t had a moment to post to my blog or have a browse through those I follow. Can’t wait to catch up over the next few days 😆 x

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    1. Thank you…I’m ahead?! I’m behind compared to my fellow allotmenteers on site. Where are you? By mid June, I think the little ‘weather advantages’ even out. Fingers crossed for a bumper crop this year 😆


  2. Everything looks wonderful! What a job you have ahead. I’m not sure if I’m inspired or tired to think of it, but I look forward to seeing it all come together. Is your pond on your allotment? I’m in southern Indiana USA and not too familiar with how it works.

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    1. Thank you 😆 Once I’ve cleared my latest plot allotmenteering should be alot easier (not easy but less painful!) Yes, I positioned the pond in the middle on plot 5 and I’m hopeful that the frogs will help keep slugs at bay! Indiana USA…ah I see…well hello USA 😆 In the UK, local councils have to provide a certain amount of land for locals to rent and grow veggies ( mostly). Anything similar in the USA?

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      1. My daughter lives in NYC and they have community gardens that are wonderful and I think other urban areas have them, also. I hope you don’t judge me by the Indiana thing…or the USA thing, either. Our country is definitely going through some difficulty now. I’m just an old hippie, praying for peace. I have a small veggie garden compared to yours, but our home sits on 4 acres, 2 wooded, so my there are 4 other gardens and plenty of shrubs and trees to maintain. Our summers are very hot and humid and the temps have been above average so far this year…

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  3. Definitely not the judgmental type! Every country has is struggles…and from one old hippie to another, I love hearing about life across the pond 😆
    Hope your good weather is aiding your growing season. June for UK generally has been wetter than average but we’ve had a few weeks of sun here in Wales luckily (rain mostly at night).
    Thank you for cdropping by I look forward to catching your blog.

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  4. It all looks wonderful – except the bind weed! Don’t envy you that!

    I’ve also been late with things this year, partly because of the weather, partly because of illness and partly because I learnt my lesson last year when I planted everything too early. It’s all starting to grow nicely now, though. Should have some courgettes in another week or so…

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    1. Bindweed…grrrrr…I hate it and the new plot is riddled with it, hence the new toy! Not sure it will work but we have our fingers crossed. Oh no, hope you are well now ☺ I was very late too but I seem to be catching up…well apart from my shallots. I can’t seem to grow the blinkin’ things!

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  5. Looking forward to seeing the plot 5b transformation. I need to get out into my garden and sow more carrots seeds because the slugs have munched about 80% of my seedling carrots across two raised beds!


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