New Toy = Play Time

I’m determined to clear the new plot as quickly as possible. Not an easy task. It’s totally overgrown, I work full time and I’m off to the ‘Gardener’s World Show’ this weekend. Nevertheless I’m cracking on!

I’ve enlisted the help of Mr D and we’ve bought a new ‘toy’ to help him! A flame gun…oh the power!! The noise is rather pleasing too πŸ˜€


Mr D loves it! He tested a small section in the rain this week. We were careful…keeping buckets of water and a hose pipe at hand (just incase!).

20160614_203504Brilliant toy! Much better than weedkillers πŸ˜†

12 thoughts on “New Toy = Play Time”

      1. You’re welcome. We checked with the committee before we used it and had to have ‘safety measures’ in place but you shouldn’t really burn the weeds…more like…cooking them, lol xx

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    1. It does take a bit of getting used to. The grass weeds looked quite green after flaming but were clearly dying by the next day ( second photo). I’ve been reading up on organic methods of weedkilling problem weeds like docs and bindweed. From what I have gathered you don’t have to actually set the weeds on fire – ‘flaming’ over them will usually cause them to lose all their internal moisture, they will shrivel up and die over a few days. We intend to mulch with manure etc asap and ‘feed’ the soil. It’s all trial and error. I don’t want to cover and wait or use weedkiller.

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      1. When you set fire to them you also kill the crown and most herbaceous weeds won’t be able to come back from that.
        The other alternative is to use boiling water (Not something you could do so easily I guess! B-)

        The best way is to hoe them off (Or pull them up) when they are young… Or simply win the war of attrition with them (Keep mowing them!)

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      2. Thanks for the advice. We pulled, dug and chopped the weeds on my other two ‘patches’…it nearly killed me! Bindweed is the weed from hell!! This new plot sits behind my 1st two and is full of ‘nasty ‘ weeds hence the tough tactics. As I say we are trying not to burn them…we are in a way…boiling them.


      3. I hope it works for you!

        Getting a plot under control is NOT light, easy work. If it s a large area… Have you considered hiring a rotovator for a couple of days and blitzing the hell out of it?

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      4. Thanks…fingers crossed. Rotavator! No, definitely not an option! So much bindweed we would end up with even more than we have at the moment. Fresh bindweed plants grow from the tiniest piece of the devil weed! Haha

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