Books, Copper and Red Noses!

I’ve treated myself to a few books by Charles Dowding as recommended by fellow bloggers plot34 and LisaSpooner.  Thank you both!


I’m also following this brilliant organic gardener via his website

As I explained in earlier blogs, I’m currently managing a nasty injury to my foot.  This has pushed me to look at alternative gardening methods.  I’ve always been passionate about organic gardening but I’m also very keen to learn more…

During my ‘wanderings’ through various blogs, books, webpages and articles about ‘The no-dig method’, I’ve stumbled across a growing use of copper tools.  Gardeners who use them claim that copper tools have properties that deter slugs and snails!  The idea is that each time you use a copper garden tool in the soil, you leave a little copper residue in the soil – this can reduce the damage done by those nasty ‘mini beasts’!  I’ve yet to be convinced on this point having tested copper  bands and actually seeing a slug lying happily across a copper strip, munching my newly planted lettuce!

Well respected gardeners have flagged up a few more practical reasons for using copper gardening tools such as, they don’t rust, the copper edges stay sharp and they slice into the soil with ease!



One more little point…they look stunning!!!  I’ll add them to my wish list. Perhaps Mr D will pop one in my Christmas stocking this year 🙂

My latest gardening gift…. ok, technically Comic Relief Noses (2017) but I think they make great cane toppers and they survived storm Doris!!!


8 thoughts on “Books, Copper and Red Noses!”

  1. Ah yes, I am increasingly turning to no-dig methods myself, because of the fibromyalgia and complex pain syndrome (in hand, residual effects of injury back in 2011). I am especially looking forward to trying out no-dig potato growing 🙂

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    1. I’m totally hooked! The books are packed full of advice on growing veggies…no-dig potatoes will be one of the first ‘tests’ I try too 😆
      Fibro is a nasty invisible life impacting condition, I know. I hope you’re getting support from a good doc!


    1. Good to hear 😆 My plots were in a terrible state when acquired them. I seem to have been digging for about two years! Whist I have managed to pull up tons of perennial weeds…there’s always more waiting in the wings!! Time to find a better way 😆

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  2. I’m into no-dig too! I haven’t dug the veggie patch for years. It takes me about 15 minutes to create a garden bed now. Glad to see you are into this method too, I hope it works for you. I have never heard of the author Charles Dowding, it’s always great to discover a new gardening author. I’m going to check him out. Have a lovely day!

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    1. Good to hear the method works…I’ve just bought a ridiculous amount of compost to spread over the beds for the 1st time. All I need now is a rain free weekend to get the job done! Highly recommend his books – packed full of down-to-earth advice (excuse the pun!) Haha Have a lovely day too!

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