Lightening Seeds

Loving my windowsill propagator…

Rosella tomato seeds planted  February 27th at 14:21

Germinated  March 2nd – (photographed at 11:38)

Romping away March 3rd at 16:11 !!

There’s something really exciting about watching your seeds germinate and grow into strong plants.  I’ve been growing from seeds for a few years now and I’m still loving it! I wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered all things ‘germination’ yet but I’m getting closer every growing season 🙂

10 thoughts on “Lightening Seeds”

  1. Seeing seeds germinate and push their way up through the soil is always exciting. My new Wilko’s propagator arrived today. Hopefully my tomato seeds will respond in the same way!

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    1. Propagator was definitely worth the investment! All I have to do now is prevent my seedlings from becoming ‘leggy’. Lots of turning and brushing across the tops on the go currently…fingers crossed it’ll work!

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