Willow, radiant Willow


Willow 2

I love the look of Willow.  It grows quickly, comes in a range of beautiful colours and you can make things with it!  I’ve decided that now is the best time to work on a new allotment project using willow.

My plots are on the side of Welsh mountain, consequently crops can suffer from the effects of strong winds, so I’m aiming to grow a living fedge (a cross between a fence and a hedge) to create an informal boundary along the most exposed edges of the plots.  The aim is to reduce the wind speed coming down from the top of the mountain.  I’ve read that the most effective windbreaks need to be semi-permeable and I’m hoping that my Willow fedge  will filter 50-60 percent of the wind!

This weekend we took delivery of 34 twelve inch rods of Willow…17 different types.

Willow 1

1.White Willow 2. Scarlet Willow 3. Flanders Red 4. Golden Willow 5. Candida 6. Goat Willow 7. White Welsh 8. Black Willow 9. Bay Willow 10. Purple Willow 11. Curly Willow 12. Green Dicks 13. Sekka 14. Dicky Meadows 15. Black Maul 16. Viminalis 17. Grey Willow


I’m using one of the larger flower beds on the back allotment plot as a ‘nursery’.  The ‘Willow nursery’ has already been covered with weed suppressant which is an absolute must when it comes to growing Willow.  Willow can grow up to 6½ft each year but despite their vigorous growth, young Willow trees cannot cope with any competition from weeds or even grass!


I’m hoping my fedge will eventually look something like this…

Photograph from: http://mygarden.rhs.org.uk






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