‘Wave that Glad’

I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of ‘Gladioli Snobbery’… refusing to allow them space in my garden or allotment because of the link to Dame Edna and the ‘tacky tag’!  However last autumn I visited the Malvern Show and stumbled across a gladioli stall by Pheasant Acre Plants from Bridgend, South Wales.

The specimens on display were stunning! No hint of tackiness! I fell instantly in love with a Gladiola called Bangladesh.

Gladi White

I placed an order for Gladiolus Antica, Sunshine, Sweet Shadow and Bangladesh. I could have bought loads more.

They were planted into plot 5a using a bulb planter pushed extra deep (around 9″) into the soil around April when the soil had warmed up a little.  I also ensured that the bulbs had plenty of drainage by adding a generous scoop of sand to the bottom of each bulb hole.

I then left them to their own devices. I know they need plenty of water to flourish and luckily we had a rather wet growing season here in Wales!  They probably could have done with feeding but quite honestly, it didn’t enter my head 😀

I was treated to the most glorious display….

Gladi 1
Gladi 3
Gladi 2
Sweet Shadow

A random ‘pink’ found at a local garden centre. Pink 2

This was my first year growing gladioli and they caused a sensation on the allotment site…perhaps we’ll see a few more allotmenteers growing Gladioli next year.

I’ve snuggled mine up under a mulch of chippings for the winter ( I confess to being too lazy to dig them up and store!) It’s a risk but hopefully they’ll survive.

I’m not sure what to do with the foliage though. Any advice? Do I cut or leave to die back totally?

Gladi bed


Gladi stall
Pheasant Arce Plants at Malvern Show