Jobs List: 1) Sort Snips and Secateurs


Good tools are essential in the garden or allotment.  Every gardener knows that well cared for garden tools require far less physical effort to use and more importantly, they’ll cut cleanly.  My little collection of snips and secateurs range from a few ‘cheap and cheerfuls’ to the ‘most I could affords’.

During a visit to Jekka’s Herb Farm last year, Jekka advised sharping snips and secateurs after every use!  I try to follow her advice at home, however the allotment tools don’t enjoy such a pampering…they’re lucky if they are sharpened a handful of times during the whole season :-/

Anyway… first job was to give them all a good scrub using a metal pan scourer and soapy water to remove ingrained dirt etc.  Then thoroughly dry with a kitchen towel.        I like to use a little Niwaki twin diamond file for sharpening which is light and really efficient (it is a little expensive but worth every penny in my opinion).   Finally I wiped off the blades with an oily cloth. Job done.

Next job will be the cutting edges of hoes and spades after I’ve cleared the mini shed of spiders and mud!



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