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Jobs List

Another sunny day here in Wales and I wanted to make the most of every moment!  Jobs list in hand and equipped with Mr D’s rechargeable drill, I arrived at the allotment at 9:30 …

Job 1:  Put up Plot 5A’s sign  – Tick.

Job 2: Put up bird-box – Tick.

Job 3: Dig – Tick.


Arrived home at 2:30 to complete a few more jobs on the list…

Job 4: Check vegetable trough – Tick.  Broad beans (regular and dwarf), shallots, spring onions and garlic all growing nicely under the fleece.

Veg trough

Job 5:  Make a ‘Bug Box’ – Tick (a little more to do but shaping up nicely!) Need some sheep’s wool and…??? Any ideas?

Bug box

Job 6: Buy another water butt (brand new, unwanted gift) from ebay for £15 which my very kind daughter collected for me – Tick.

Job 7: Order a selection of some more exotic seeds and plants online (Cocktail kiwis, Goji berries, Inca berries, Popcorn fiesta, Asparagus peas and Electric daisies) – Tick.  Still looking for Mexican Tree Spinach plants or seeds and Babington Leeks!

Job 8: Create a draft plan for planting (Ops! Spelling mistakes noticed too!) – Tick.

Allotment Plan 1

My gardening ‘battery’ has been recharged nicely today!  No plans for tomorrow, rain has been forecast, perhaps I’ll allow my injured elbow a little time to recover…