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Mud Dwellers to the Rescue!

Plots 4a and 5a are in the process of having a few new ‘installations’ this week….  I’ve decided to test an alternative form of composting – vermicomposting, which is basically composting with worms.

I have two compost bins currently.  The typical Dalek type and my homemade pallet composter. Both are filling up nicely, however I’m going to be waiting a while before I (and the plots) will be able to reap the rewards. Hence the test… worm towers.

‘Castle Tower’ has been placed near the shallots, in the hope that I’ll actually have a crop this year!

My worm towers are made of a length of pipe with holes drilled in the bottom half which is then buried halfway into the ground. I’ve painted my 1st worm tower – Tiddler A wanted the worms to have a castle to live in 🙂 Scraps of food will be put in the tower, this will then be ‘processed’ by the worms. It’s a win win!  The worms will enjoy an all you can eat ‘buffet’ and my allotment will get an instant boost of nutrients,  eliminating several stages of the composting process.

Excuse the dodgy artwork…painted with children’s brushes! 

I’m making four towers and I’m intending to strategically place three around the plots.  The fourth one, I’ll test out in one of the raised beds. I’m hoping the ‘towers’ will feed and nurture my plants for me.

Reading up on the ideal ‘mixture’ to tempt the worms it’s clear that there are some definite dos and don’ts…

  1. Do give the worms a little bedding to wriggle into e.g. wet (not dripping but moist) shredded newspaper.  Apparently worms enjoy an environment of 75% water.
  2. Don’t add manure to the bedding. This could result in cooked worms!
  3. Do add something gritty like soil or ground egg shells. This will help the worms grind up the contents of the tower.
  4. Do place the worms in the middle of the ‘tower mixture’ then leave them for a few days.
  5. Do (after about a week) start adding the food scraps.  Soft fruit and veg is best.
  6. Don’t add paper with coloured ink – it’s poisonous to worms!
  7. Do ‘feed’ the worms a little at a time.  Once a week is perfect.

I’m not sure what my allotment neighbours will make of my experiment but I’m hoping my plots will love me!